Animal Care & Adoption Centre

In 2005, Sheppard Case was the Prime Consultant for a major study of the City’s animal control facilities after Loblaw’s offered to purchase the site of the former Humane Services Building on Blackmarsh Road. This led the way for the funding of an entirely new approach to animal control in the City.

Some opponents suggested that the proposed site on Higgins Line, within the bounds of Pippy Park, was not appropriate and that a multi-million dollar budget would be wasted on animal control. However, we felt that the site was ideal, and through our research into animal physiology, exercise demands, disease prevention, and certain specialized topics, were able to design the most forward thinking animal shelter in Canada.

The facility was re-named during the design process to the Animal Care and Adoption Centre and now has one of the highest adoption rates in the country and, consequently, one of the lowest euthanasia rates. The sympathetic approach to site development has garnered accolades from the Pippy Park Commission, and our close attention to acoustics has won over neighbours who felt they would be disturbed by barking dogs.

CLIENT: St. John's Animal Control

SERVICES: Prime Consultant, Architect

BUDGET: $1.67 million

LOCATION: St. John's, Newfoundland

STATUS: Completed 2005