Fisherman's advocate building

The Fisherman’s Advocate Building is one of a group of buildings in Port Union that forms part of the historic fisherman’s union town site. Constructed in 1920, it survived the Great Fire of 1943 and became the center of commerce as well as the Fisherman’s Advocate Publishing House. This significant structure required a broad scope of intervention in order to be stabilized and rehabilitated. Sheppard Case Architects managed and supervised the stabilization and restoration of this $1.8 million project, and coordinated conservation efforts with respect to the refurbishment of artifacts.

Our initial report was undertaken in 1997 with extensive consultation with The Coaker Heritage Foundation, Town of Port Union, ACOA and HRDC to establish construction budgets, time lines for reconstruction and adaptive uses. A Heritage Resource Master Plan was also prepared for Port Union, and we continue to work closely with the Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation to develop an interpretation plan specifically for the Port Union Historic District.

The main reconstruction project was on budget, and was completed in August, 2003. Since that time, Sheppard Case Architects, working with graphic artists, illustrators and conservationists have completed the interpretation aspect with display cases and interpretation signage. The Fisherman’s Advocate Building has been exceptionally well received, and is rapidly becoming another not-to-be-missed destination on the Trinity / Bonavista tourist itinerary.

CLIENT: The Coaker Heritage Foundation

SERVICES: Architect

BUDGET: $1.8 million

LOCATION: Port Union, Newfoundland

STATUS: Completed 2003