king George v soccer complex

Sheppard Case were the prime consultants and architects for this $3.1 million project designed and constructed for the City of St. John’s and the St. John’s Senior Soccer Association in four distinct phases beginning late spring 2005 with final completion in autumn of 2006. During Phase I, a 6000 seat bleacher system was fully designed and detailed in the hopes that it could be locally fabricated – though the tender package allowed for pre-manufactured systems – and in fact, the winning bid resulted in 3200 hours of employment at a fabrication shop in Conception Bay South. The idea of foregoing a typical pre-manufactured system was a Sheppard Case initiative to support the local economy. The structure was designed in modules that could be separately hot-dip galvanized and bolted together on site, greatly reducing the possibility of corrosion. The system includes tower platforms for TV crews and provides space for 14 spectators in wheelchairs. Seat planks and foot boards are aluminum extrusions.

Phase II of the project entailed the design and construction of a four-team change house with separate office, boardroom and food service facilities. This phase included a formal entrance into the park featuring a stone wall and gate columns with decorative steel fencing. Also located at the main entrance is a new sign and informational display, designed by Tract Consulting. Phase III consisted of the complete redevelopment of the existing change rooms to house public washrooms and other support facilities; new security fencing; a scoreboard; and an intensive landscaping effort, with Tract Consulting, for the entire site. The final phase of the project was the installation of the FieldTurf artificial field surface.  

The conventional problem with volunteer and community based sports organizations is that precious funding is rarely earmarked for anything outside of the bare necessities, as other aspects of a project are seen as luxuries. At Sheppard Case, we have learned that street presence, easy access, inviting grounds, good viewing, and clean washrooms combine for a total quality family experience and the proliferation of good attitudes toward health. At King George V, financial success appears to be an unexpected spin-off with corporations bidding against each other to sponsor certain aspects of the complex.

CLIENT: The City of St. John's and The St. John's Senior Soccer Association

SERVICES: Prime Consultant, Architect

BUDGET: $3.1 million

LOCATION: St. John's, Newfoundland

STATUS: Completed 2006