Marine Institute Offshore Operations Simulator

Similar to the Offshore Training Facility on the St. John’s Southside, this was a design / construction project as opposed to space utilization or master planning. And like the Southside Facility, it demonstrates LAT49’s commitment to schedule and budget. This was not a large project ($1.4 million) but it is a vital piece of the overall $6.0 million OOS and required a great deal of consultation with Kongsberg – the manufacturer of the OOS.

The initial (not-to-exceed) budget for the building extension was $1.415 million. This budget was examined and refined twice by regular design milestones and was also subjected to an intense Value Engineering exercise after the preliminary design was completed. The Concept Design report indicated that the budget was insufficient based on the project requirements and $300K was added based on a significantly broadened project scope. It was further examined and refined in the tender documents based on a Class "A" estimate indicating the median cost would likely be $1.528. The accepted low tender was $1.423.

The project design schedule was approximately 20 weeks, but the project was tendered just inside of 18. Existing site conditions were thoroughly investigated and addressed in the tender documents, therefore no major Change Orders are anticipated.


CLIENT: Memorial University of Newfoundland

SERVICES: Prime Consultant, Architect

BUDGET: $1.4 million

LOCATION: St. John's, Newfoundland

STATUS: Completed 2014